2011 Favorite Albums / 7. Eliza Doolittle, Eliza Doolittle

Eliza Doolittle, Eliza Doolittle

Music Math: (Adele - melancholy) + Katy Perry

Best Tracks: "Moneybox," "Rollerblades," "Skinny Genes," "Back to Front," "Pack Up"

Representative Lyrics: "Singing with a broken string, tell me what you really mean / Do you know what you want? / While beating up on yesterday, I was on my rollerblades / rolling on, moving on."

Notes: Itty bitty cutie Eliza Doolittle has an accent so thick she can't sing through it (based on her name, guess which kind?). She's also known for rarely wearing pants in favor of very short skirts, which makes her like an automatic favorite of mine. These songs are light, hummable, funny, and cutely anachronistic, blending old arrangements (horns, strings, big band sounds, etc) with contemporary lyrics in the vein of Amy Winehouse, but to much different effect.

Beau’s Critique:

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