2011 Favorite Albums / 5. Panic! At the Disco, Vices & Virtues

Panic! At the Disco, Vices & Virtues

Music Math: (Panic at the Disco - pretension) + !

Best Tracks: "Hurricane," "Memories," "Trade Mistakes," "Ready to Go," "Always," "The Calendar"

Representative Lyrics: "It was always you falling for me / now there's always time calling for me / I'm a light blinking at the end of the road / blink back to let me know"

Notes: After losing half its members (including the primary songwriter & lyricist) a few years ago, I wasn't sure Panic would be able to recover. But they not only put out a good album, they put out an album better than their others. This collection captures the electro-rock spirit of the first half of A Fever You Can't Sweat Out while incorporating more straightforward pop into their arrangements. We saw them live this year and, though Brandon Urie was sick and almost lost his voice during the performance, they were still amazeballs.

Beau’s Critique:

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