Bye bye, cable

If you're not sitting down, you should be. Because what I'm about to tell you is going to rock you to the very foundations of what you believe to be true about me.

Beau and I are turning off our cable TV.

Why? Because it's spendy and mostly crap. How many Sundays have I watched myself fall into a shameful HGTV spiral of House Hunters International,, Property Virgins, Holmes on Homes, and Design Star? Folks, I don't even own a house! Plus, those are hours I could be writing or reading.

The most useful part of our cable subscription is the DVR we have, a fussy, uncooperative little thing that cuts off shows, decides what and when to record, and so forth. We never watch shows when they are broadcast--except maybe America's Next Top Model.

With the rise of Hulu, we feel pretty confident that the things we love to watch throughout the year will stay on our radar. Other stuff we'll catch on Netflix and on DVD.

The only thing I'm sad about is losing True Blood, but I'll forget all the spoilers by the time the DVDs come out A YEAR FROM NOW. (Lame.)

Wish us luck! If you have any cable-free tips on TV watching, please send them our way.


  1. Okay, I met let a horriballs through on this one. lol I actually dumped a bunch of my premium channels last year and now and I'm thinking about dumping some more so I just have basic cable. That would still include HGTV, because, unlike you, I absolutely cannot miss House Hunters International or my girl Sandra on Property Virgins. Or that gay skank hottie David on Colorsplash. God, I want him to come redo me...errr...my room.

  2. Charlie,

    I just did the same thing 2 weeks ago. We now have basic cable which is the regular channels, Discover & Hallmark (Hallmark? Does anyone even watch this channel-- I think this is why they are giving it away for free.) We pay $15.18 and I LOVE it.

    When we want to watch something (like I'm interested in that Work of Art show on Bravo) we learned we can just plug our laptops into the big screen.

    What I realized though (and I knew this about not having cable/TV as we didn't for 10 years- we've only had cable for 3 1/2) is that you don't miss what you're not watching. You also get more sleep and are less likely to find yourself in the House Hunters downward spiral. ;-)

    But yes, anything you want to watch is on Hulu or YouTube. I've never had a DVR as the idea is that some device is making a chore for me (you must watch all these shows I've saved for you) would make me lose my mind. I can hardly keep up with my life let alone shows that I could easily live without.

    Anyway, enjoy your free time and your extra cash!

    Oh we also have Roku from Netflix for Watch Instantly Movies. Mostly, I find we read, sleep, talk, play games, go for a walk, etc more...

  3. 河水永遠是相同的,可是每一剎那又都是新的。..................................................

  4. Charles,

    I'm upset at you! Seriously. This is the weird thing about your post: I happen to like a lot of the same shows you do. My partner and I love Veronica Mars and are obsessed with Buffy, etc. etc.

    There's no good shows on? "Breaking Bad" may be one of my favorite ever. "Treme." "Nurse Jackie." "True Blood." "Justified." "Mad Men."

    These shows are as intricately plotted, if not more so, than the best novels being written.

    I feel betrayed by this post. You know better.

    Your real problem: you don't have enough cable channels.

    With affection and respect,


  5. Kells-

    Talking is overrated. My problem with my relationship is we know each other too well.

  6. It's better to watch via Hulu or Netflix or anything that doesn't make you suffer through so many commercials. I have to pay astronomical sums for cable, and I still have to sit through so many commercials? I signed off years ago and rarely regret it.

  7. Thanks for the votes of confidence, everyone (except Steve)! So far so good.

    As for you Steve... ;)

    I broke up with cable, not television in general. I still plan to watch the good stuff (and some really bad stuff), just in a different way. A couple of the shows you mention are on premium channels I couldn't afford anyway, so I'm consigned to wait for them on Netflix or DVD, which I like better. I'd rather experience a TV show like a novel anyway, all in one sitting.

  8. Hi Charlie! I've never had cable so it's not a great miss. Like you, I think Hulu is terrific and Netflix is my drug of choice. I rarely go to a movie in a theater anymore. As for TV, my antenna fell off the roof so it's hit and miss and I don't have a DVR or anything, but I find once I'm away from a tv show I love it quickly drops from my consciousness and I pop in a movie and I'm happy.

  9. ps. I have really found some good television this year good old network television. Flashpoint, Modern Family, The Office, some weird show that's on at 10 on Monday nights about a bunch of people stranded in a little town that reminds me of The Prisoner. Plus, if I'm depressed I'll watch anything. Bonus!

  10. I gave up entirely on my tv and only watch by computer. It started as an experiment when I moved ("let's put the tv in a closet for a month and see how it goes...") and 5 years later I don't miss it. Helpful hint beyond Hulu and Netflix: full episodes of the Daily Show and Colbert Report are on the Comedy Central website the day after they air. ABC also has a ton of stuff right away. Whether there's anything worth watching there I'll leave up to your judgment.