Mileage from Phoenix to DC: 2317
Hours of driving: 34
State lines crossed: 11
Most visited state: West Virginia (in and out twice)

Longest day: Phoenix to Oklahoma City--14 hours with 2 time zone changes.
Best weather: Missouri & Illinois
Worst weather: New Mexico

Worst sight: An accident in which a semi lost its rear axle and crushed a black sports car on the freeway.
Worst drivers: Maryland

Dullest stretch: Oklahoma Turnpike, 100 miles
Prettiest stretch: West Virginia

Number of times the cat freaked out: 0 (yay medication!)

Did we find a White Castle? Yes. Yes we did. And it was amazing. Thank you, Indiana.

Total number of miles I traveled in June: 9515
Equivalent number of trips between NYC and LA: 3.4
Circumference of the earth in miles: 24,900


  1. Jetsetter. You've made me want to find my old journal where I recorded similar stats when I drove across the country in 2005.

  2. Welcome home, traveling man.

  3. Wow. I've done the roundtrip from NY to Michigan twice (and then swore never to do it again). But you are in a whole 'nother league, my friend. Those are some serious stats!