She's the One

Let's just say it: I'm obsessed with Martha Stewart's tweets.

I'm getting the hang of Twitter. Slowly. Now that it updates my Facebook status, I like it a lot better because I'm not duplicating efforts--I hate duplicating efforts.

I love following (note: this is not the same as stalking) Martha. Today she's traveled from Hollywood to the Texas panhandle where she's touring some kind of factory:

"feedlots everywhere, 66 miles from new mexico, 100 miles from okla. beef, oil, tilt rotors, bomb disablement all here."

I imagine Martha driving solitary down a two-lane stretch of dusty Texas highway (I mean, next to her driver), tweeting as the existential experience of America's nothingness moves her.

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  1. I actually stopped linking my Twitter to Facebook. Sometimes when I'm tweeting, I do multiple updates in just a few minutes time. I don't want all that on my FB wall. Maybe it's my obsessive-compulsive disorder, but I like to keep it separate.