Being a better blogger.

I am trying to commit to being a better blogger. To me, this means:

a. Posting more regularly
b. Posting things that don't suck

Both have been a challenge lately.

There's something about living on the East Coast I didn't expect: time suck. I am losing hours and hours of my life in ways I couldn't anticipate. For example, although my work commute is the same as it was when I lived in Phoenix, it now takes me 45 minutes to get to a social engagement in DC--by Metro. This is mostly because I

a. stubbornly refuse to drive in DC under most circumstances, unless it is a Sunday
b. don't drive anywhere if I suspect I may have an alcoholic beverage
c. don't drive if I've been fortunate enough to get parking at my apartment building that day

Everything else seems to take longer. Driving to Target/groceries takes longer. Walking the dog takes longer. Getting settled at home after work takes longer. It takes longer to get to the gym and back, longer to work out, and longer to do my dishes and laundry.

I feel mostly like all I do is go to work, do laundry, do dishes. It's awful!

But, I also watch a lot of television. Right now I'm watching hours of Battlestar Gallactica every night.

(No, this is not an April Fool's post. Sadly, this is really just my life.)


  1. This phenomenon is not in your head. I think life on the east coast is just harder because of the time suck.

    Moving back to the frozen north was so relaxing...

    That said, I do miss parts of new york...just not enough of them to regret leaving.

  2. You are definitely not alone. You'll adjust. I promise. xo

  3. Working, the mundane chores and television do suck the creativity right out of you sometimes.

  4. Do you love Battlestar? I love Battlestar!

  5. Hi,

    Don't listen to Collin! TV is amazing. The Wire, Big Love, Dollhouse, Gossip Girl, Friday Night Lights, Battlestar (except last season), Damages...

    Upstate NY is easier to live in: I've started thing after my blog posts if I should write research papers for students other than mine. Extra money.

  6. Oh no! Stop the BSG before season 3! It goes downhill quick . . .

  7. I know what you mean. I feel like I'm always going to bed, getting dressed, going to work, going to bed, getting dressed....repeat! I miss when my office was only 5 minutes from my apartment. I was home by 6 every day. Now I work 30 minutes away, and if I go to the gym after work, I don't get home until 8.