Running in Heels

Last night was the 23rd Annual High Heel Race in DC. Thousands of people gathered on 17th Street between O Street and R Street to watch about 25 drag queens run two blocks in their high heels.

It looked like this:

The race is really more of an excuse for the pre-race bar specials, the pre-race drag queen parade, and the post-race revelry that erupts once the winning DQ hits the finish line.

It was really cold and windy yesterday! It's that bone-chilling cold that only comes with fall. I'll take winter over autumn any day. Fall makes me look like this:

You might be wondering how we got such a great shot of the actual race when there was already a huge crowd with their cameras raised over their heads. Well, that's when it helps to have your tall person on hand to do this:

You can also approximate the experience of being there by watching this handy YouTube video. Gosh, y'all, what did we do before the internets?

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  1. A really good friend of mine moved to DC a couple of years ago.. then moved again and is now back in DC. She needs a gay to replace me. I think the two of you should do dinner. This post made me think of her b/c she was at the race as well.