I Wanna School You

As part of my service to The Writer's Center community, I've volunteered to teach two classes this winter:

Reading Emerging Poetries and Writing Longer Poems and Sequences. The courses will meet once weekly for six weeks. Hope you can stop by.

If not, all of our winter workshops just made it up onto the website. Stop by, read some descriptions, and sign up!


  1. Charles,
    I think that's a great course idea and I'd like to take it (I definitely need it). But the time (10:30 a.m.) the course is offered won't work for me. I think I'll take the prosody class, though, that's being offered in 2009. I really wish you the best in your teaching next year, as well as your writing now. I enjoy your blog.

  2. Those both sound really interesting. I wish I lived closer. Teleconference?