Arden says Happy Halloween, and LOCUSPOINT arrives

I'm pleased to announce the arrival of Sandra Beasley's Washington, DC at LOCUSPOINT, featuring poetry by

Derrick Weston Brown
Michael Gushue
Natalie Illum
E. Ethelbert Miller
Rod Smith
Maureen Thorson
Rosemary Winslow

This edition also features the most extensive list of poetry resources at LOCUSPOINT so far. Thanks to Sandra and the contributors for participating!

Arden asked me to post this:

And this, for all her adoring fans out there:


  1. Arden's so demanding! I just want to snuggle her though. How cute is she as a bee? I'm sure you already know that though.

    And I'm excited to check out the latest LOCUSPOINT!

  2. Adorable. I'll be heading over to read the LOCUSPOINT.