Arden in the Big City

Since moving to DC, Arden has decided that she, too, wants to climb the nonprofit career ladder.

Here she is seen in my office, where she's interning and assisting me on a few important chewing projects.

She's also a bit of a micromanager, wandering around the office to visit the staff to make sure they're doing they're work. Such a taskmaster!


  1. She looks like a real bitch. ;-) Pretty soon she'll be running the whole office.

  2. And such a clothes-horse. Umm, I mean clothes-dog

  3. Ohhh I miss Arden! Okay I miss you too, but really Arden in her blue dress is pretty awesome.

  4. Awesome dress!

    I brought my cats to an office where I used to work. I worked second shift with my boyfriend at the time and my friends so nobody cared. They really hated going so I stopped bringing them.

    Work is so much more fun with your dog or cat there!