Meet My New (Platonic) Girlfriends

I heard this song when I was out a few weeks ago and can't seem to shake it. I got the whole Veronicas album and love love love it. One of them sounds a little like Michelle Branch, and you know how much I love that.


  1. yeah i caught this video on mtv2 this week, they were hosting...i bought their older album..like them a lot.

  2. Speaking of how this sounds like Michelle Branch, I simply can't wait for her new album -- the new song "Together" from the Sisterhood soundtrack might not be one of the best Michelle Branch songs ever, but I love it. I've been recording cover songs for a music blog and if only my vocal range was a little higher... I'm more in the Johnny Cash range! Still, can't wait for the new album!

  3. good stuff!

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