A Five Hour Tour

I gave a brief presentation on The Writer's Center in Arlington today, for a group of federal employees.

I left my house (in Maryland) at 7 am to give myself a large cushion for arrival before the 9 am start time.

I arrived at the place at 8:45 am. It was "10 miles," according to my GPS. I didn't even hit that much traffic, really, until I got near the VA border (typical) and to the gate of the organization itself. And then waiting in line to get security clearance to enter...

I got home again at 12:30 pm. All in all, it was a five-hour ordeal.

In my experience, typical of going to Virginia! This is why the states don't mix much. It's a tremendous headache/heartache to go back and forth.

Me? I'll be back in VA on Sept 5 for The Writer's Center's event with Kate Blackwell for Leesburg's First Friday.

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  1. Yes--traffic here is awful (and summer traffic is lighter than the rest of the year). I wish the Writer's Center offered more classes in VA--driving the Beltway at rush hour is NO FUN.