I'm Getting Younger Every Day

I'm pleased to say that my Wii Fit Age is finally below my actual age, and that I am no longer considered "overweight" by this cruel little piece of gaming fun.

The Wii Fit Age is calcuated based on your actual age, a height/weight BMI analysis, and your ability to survive a barrage of balance and agility tests thrown at you by the bopping, Prozacked Wii Fit cartoon character (who both encourages you to work harder and chides you for not visiting him enough, just like your mother would).

Before arriving in DC, my Wii Fit Age was consistently 35-45. I suppose I can now tell people I have the body of a 25-year-old, but without implying that it's buried in my backyard.

Aside from the poor method of BMI calculation, the Wii Fit is a fun tool for exercising at home. I like the balance games a lot and the fact that it keeps a tally of how many minutes you've worked out. And the running game in the aerobics menu kicked my butt--YOU try running in place for five minutes! It's exhausting.


  1. Now if only there was a Project Runway version of Wii Fit...

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  4. I just found out that a new version of Animal Crossing is coming out for the Wii, so I'll be getting the system.

    I love self-improvement video games, so I'm sure I'll also be getting Wii Fit once I get the system.