I Don't Know How to Love Him. Or, Why.

I've been enjoying the new season of Shear Genius, even if it is sort of the least enjoyable of the Project Runway-Top Chef-Shear Genius triumvirate of reality shows. At first, I watched because Beau does hair and it was fun to watch it with him (and listen to him groan), but now I'm watching because, I'm a little shy to admit, I have a weird, wacky crush on...Charlie.

Charlie is loud, annoying, arrogant, slightly ridiculous, a little bitchy and confrontational, and he wears tight clothes. He can be funny and probably charming when he tries, and he has red hair. All of these things are weird things for me to be attracted to.

I do like his choice of glasses, though. And that I'm not embarrassed to admit.

Charlie is also pretty talented despite all his drama. And, when he was saddled with the crying client on tonight's episode, he was really kind to her.

And I kind of like that he's a little wicked.

And I kind of like his red hair. Er, beard.

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  1. I didn't know that the new season started until I was watching Project Runway last night. I'm so excited to see the show--especially after seeing that big flower on this guy's lapel!