Goodwill toward Moving

I started packing last night—books and clothes, my most valued possessions. I have about 10 boxes of books stacked up in my apartment, but clothing was a different story.

Moving within the city has always encouraged me to donate items to Goodwill, but I've always maintained a sort of large wardrobe. This time, though, it's very different. Looking at shirts, pants, sweaters, I think, Do I want to lug this 2,000 miles?

10 bags of shirts, shoes, socks, pants, dress pants, coats, sweaters, sweatshirts, and polos later...the answer was frequently no.

Picture it this way: my Scion xA, if loaded today, would be full of stuff for Goodwill. And I'm just getting started.

I'm taking a zen approach to this move. Almost no furniture, probably no dishes. All I need is a Mac, a Wii, and a TV.

It's the ease of living an IKEA lifestyle. Everything is cheap and endlessly replaceable.


  1. Sell it at the garage sale...leftovers go to Goodwill. People will get a better deal in my garage. Secondly, you can then blow it on drinks later.


  2. Arden is going to need some sweaters for winter!

    I've lived in 3 states in the last 5 years--I empathize.

  3. That's what I did before my California move. Giving stuff away to people who can actually want and use it (for example, a homeless shelter that helps families move into and set up their own homes) feels good. Go for it.

  4. An admirable move, donating your stuff to people who need it. About the IKEA lifestyle, it is convenient for moving, but isn't it kind of sad when everything's cheap & endlessly replaceable?