My Long Weekend: A Camera Phone Essay

First, I read at the gorgeous new Tempe Center for the Arts as the second event in the Tempe Poetry in April series.

I dropped Arden off at my parents' house for the weekend and left for California right after my reading!

Then I went to Magic Mountain--twice!

After a long day of roller coastering, we hit the hot tub.

We drove back to AZ at 5 am...and after a busy day, we hit the bars to celebrate Phoenix Pride.

On Sunday, I enjoyed a slight headache and a contemplative moment in the grass.

Then, there was Panic. But you knew that already.


  1. Looks like you are having a fabulous time.

  2. Fun and cuteness.

  3. You're such a nipple-pinching tease!

  4. umm . . . you bastards were in my geighborhood and didn't even call??

    tease is RIGHT.

  5. How Come I don't remember this picture being taken?