Size Matters

One of my little joys in life is a Starbucks coffee with soymilk (I'm sensitive about dairy) and vanilla syrup. Since this is Arizona, I spend most of the year drinking it iced. I usually go grande on it because it's only a smidge over 2 bucks and it's enough caffeine for starting the day. But lately, I've been noticing an interesting trend.

This isn't scientific by any means, but I'd estimate that on 75% of my visits, when I order a grande iced coffee, I'm served a venti. I'm never charged for the larger size unless I say it out loud, but I can't help wondering what's contributing to the upsizing. Do I look especially thirsty, or perhaps tired? (Probably.) Are tall people assumed to have deeper stomachs?

It happened twice this past weekend on two consecutive visits. I'd noticed and pondered the phenomena before, but it's not until today that I've felt comfortable going public with the trend.

What about you? Does Starbucks upsize you, or is this personal?


  1. Maybe the baristas have a crush on you.

  2. The skeptical cat in me says that Starbucks baristas have probably been trained to upsize in order to get people used to larger sizes.

    The less skeptical cat in me wonders whether the piles of ice mean that they just upscale your cup size, rather than the amount of drink you have.

    Apart from that, yes - perhaps the baristas want something 'venti' of their own...

  3. Valerie, I'm 6'3".

    I don't think it's about crushes, though, guys, because it happens at the weirdest times...I don't know. Just a gut feeling.

  4. I wish I had this problem.

    The other day I was apparently charged $5 for my $3-something tall latte.

    Maybe they're making me pay for your excesses.

    That'd be okay, I guess. :)

  5. Dude, they work for tips.