What Is Not To Love

2007 Best of the Net Anthology


Greg Wrenn's "Brother on Brother" from Memorious
Dorianne Laux's "Dark Charms" from The Pedestal Magazine
Michaela A. Gabriel's "what is the sound of one hand clapping?" from Juked
Renee Rossi's "Movements" from LOCUSPOINT
Simone Muench's "To give a child an idea..." from LOCUSPOINT
Tamiko Beyer's "Forget" from The Boxcar Poetry Review
Marty McConnell's "Marrying the Violence" from The Boxcar Poetry Review
Heather Salus's "How We've Moved" from The Boxcar Poetry Review
Derek Pollard's "If You Were To Die Right Now, Johnny Depp" from No Tell Motel
Charles Jensen's "Bargaining" from No Tell Motel
Justin Lacour's "Sees the ______ and Waits" from Horse Less Press
Ann Neuser Lederer's "January Thaw" from Segue
Juliet Cook's "Some Explanations for Fainting Goats" from Prick of the Spindle
Nanette Rayman-Rivera's "Shoes 1943" from Chantarelle's Notebook
Jane van Slembrouck's "Found Art" from Eclectica
Adam Clay's "Leaned Against the Trope That Demands to Be Denied" from Past Simple
Matt Hart's "Red Bird: Prophylactic" from Past Simple
Anne Haines's "Swallowed" from Valparaiso Poetry Review
Barbara Goldberg's "Kingdom of Speculation" from Beltway Poetry Quarterly
Gregory Lawless's "Snapshots of the Epic" from Contrary

Anne, Renee, Simone, Adam, Matt...that's hot.

And I think former Charles Jensen stalkee Merrill Feitell served as the fiction judge. Hotter still.

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  1. Alas, I see nothing from Terrain.org. Oh well. Congrats to LOCUSPOINT for landing two!