I am not my usual self

I am currently not the best version of myself. I mean, I used to be kinder. I used to have more energy, could talk for long stretches, could stand to be in crowds.

I want you to know I am tired. It's a bone-tired. It's a cumulative-tired.

This is not my usual self, who you met or saw. It is an approximation of someone I used to be; a poor substitute, I think.


  1. Well you may be too young to remember but there used to be a little pill you could take for this - it was called geritol.

    I am tired too. Exceptionally --


  2. How strange, I posted something like this on my blog today too. I just freaked out when I read this. I even used the phrase "bone tired."

  3. Take care, Charlie.
    A day off can do wonders.

  4. Dude, we're all tired. It's the vast Republican plan....