Nothing Wrong with Being Career-Oriented

Raise your hand if you think The Golden Girls is timeless.

My boyfriend's favorite episode is the one where the girls are mistaken for hookers. It's the one where Rose details her "bitter butter memories," recounting the time she lost the "Butter Queen" title due to some malicious "churn-tampering."

The one where Blanche calls her cellmates "common gutter trash."

The one where Sofia refuses to bail out the others so she can see Burt Reynolds, who shows up in a guest spot.

The one where Dorothy, fending off a fight with an aggressive hooker upset by being called "gutter trash," says that she spent time in Attica. A men's prison. "I was there a year before they found out," she says, snarling.

The relevant clippage:

Which reminds me of a line Jeffrey Ross fired off at Jerry Stiller's Roast after a weird-ass performance by Sandra Bernhardt. He said, "I wouldn't fuck Sandra Bernhardt with Bea Arthur's dick."

Poor Bea. It's true.


  1. Dean and I love the Golden Girls. We often watch them at the gym when we are on the treadmill. We pretend they are drag queens all living together. But seriously, it's a very well-written show.

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  3. The Golden Girls are awesome! Whenever someone complains about getting old, I remind them about the show and how fun it is going to be when we're old.

  4. If only I could post here a photo of my raised hand. Alas.