Some of you will remember my shoe sojourn from a while back.

I'm pleased to update you with some significant movement in the shoe area of my life. I have been without new black dress shoes since I graduated from college in 1999. The old pair were getting, well, old. Out of style. Etc.

So I went to the Kenneth Cole outlet and found, yes, immediately, a pair of black Flex-a-bits right there on the shelf...and a pair in my size!

I bought them immediately, and for cheap. They are wonderful, as good as my other KCs, which have only gotten better with time.

I feel complete, shoe-wise, at least.


  1. Yes! There is such satisfaction in these things--shoes, using 699 of your 700 cell phone minutes, the perfect scarf.

    You are totally complete. I'm glad they had your size.


  2. Those are nice. How often do you wear dress shoes?

  3. kc is my fav designer. i love those shoes. send me size 9's.

  4. Cute shows.

    However, when I read shoes.. I immediately thought of the Kelly/shoes video.

  5. i'm so addicted to shoes! my new fave company--which is a little more casual than mr. cole--is medium.
    the comfort level combined w/ the attention to detail make them perfect.

    in other news, check out the queer film blog-a-thon going on right now!

  6. Makes me think of that great Kirsty Maccoll song

    ...in these shoes? I don't think so. Let's stay right here...

    There's nothing like a new pair of shoes to put a snap in your step.