Will Have Been


My favorite verb tense is the future perfect because it is the closest anyone gets to real time travel. When used, the speaker of the statement exists simultaneously in two times: the future and the past.

"By this time tomorrow, I will have left town."

The action is past but the time of its occurrence is in the future, and the action itself is a phantom of what occurred. The speaker is not in town, but the lack of him continues to be in the town, which makes him a ghost.

I am interested in ghosts, time travel, and leaving town right now.


  1. Reminds me of the Olena K. Davis lines:

    . . . the kids who are
    also dissolving
    into a different tense,
    the one that you use to speak of the past
    as the future, the one that holds
    the simple vocabulary of my own fenced-in childhood . . .

  2. And of her poem 'Another Underwater Conversation':

    The fear of conjugation

    no longer holding me under the present tense.

    etc. I've responded to your self-proclaimed literary dorkdom on my blog. This is fun.

  3. I *heart* the subjunctive mood.

  4. "Nerd Alert" always gets my attention.