The boy with the empty plate at the poetry buffet.

It's happening again. I'm forgetting what poetry is.

This happens a lot. I forget how to write poems. I don't know what they are anymore, I don't understand them, and I feel frustrated.

I become a very picky reader. I don't like anything I hear or read. I think everything's been done already and there's no use writing. I get frustrated, anxious.

But in the past couple of weeks I've read two really good books: Pamela Painter's The Long and Short of It and Neil Smith's Bang Crunch. Both are inventive short story collections, both gorgeous.

I wish I could stick books directly into my head like a tape into a VCR.

I wish I knew what I was trying to say.

I got a nice rejection note from Ausable Press today that said my manuscript was very good and I should try submitting again.

I needed that.


  1. This happens a lot. I forget how to write poems.

    Well thank god for this. This is how good poets become great.


  2. Yes, this is good -- so you don't get stuck in a set way of writing. Like the poet says, When you realize what you're doing, time to stop and try something new.

  3. its not a buffett, its a soup kitchen.

  4. Cool Blog! I feel like I forget how to write sometimes, too. It's like waking up lost in the dictionary.

    I usually close my eyes for a little while and go back to reality.

    The feeling usually passes.