The Death of Green Day

The Simpsons Movie is an extended episode of the series, with more nudity, swearing, and more pokes at Fox's lame programming and advertising practices. Although there were frequent moments of "How the heck is this going to be part of the plot?" things really did come together. You will be humming "Spider-Pig" when you leave the theater. You will be discussing naked skateboarding. And you will be reminded that presidents are "elected to lead, not to read."


  1. A good friend of mine went to see that movie at the drive-in with her three toddlers (twin girls, and a boy 11 months younger ... yes, it's very scary) in tow, sort of figuring they'd probably all fall asleep in the van before too long. Nope. They spent most of the next day using their favorite new word from the movie, penis, running around checking to see who had one and who didn't.


  2. Children should know the word penis. Especially if they own one. But they may be concerned if their's is not a small yellow nub.

    Spider pig, spider pig, spider pig, does whatever a spider pig does. Can he swing from a web? No he can't he's a pig.

  3. Oh, I agree children should know the word penis. These are very small children, though, and they've pretty much just started talking (intelligibly) in the last six months or so. Most words are new for them. They just especially like this one. :)