I finished the first draft of my first short story in seven years. While I was in Vegas I started writing the second story, concerning one of the characters several years later. I know what happens to a third character in the future. I think he's in this new story too. It takes place in (surprise) Vegas.

I can share my good news in, like, two days. I'm really excited about it. I was playing it cool before.

I went out in search of a lover yesterday—a particular lover. A pair of black Kenneth Cole Flex-a-bits. They look like this:

They feel like this:

I just tried to order them online and they are backstocked until October 10.


  1. I think I know your good news, as I got a little certain form letter today that had your name on it...Anyway...

  2. I'm dying to hear your good news.

    Let's trade short stories? If you show me yours, I'll show you mine.