Moving Day

I'm moving to a new apartment today. Kind of my dream apartment, actually. 19' ceilings, loft space, all the space I need.

But let me tell you. I've had to move at least once in 10 of the past 12 years. I'll break it down for you:

1995: moved to dorm room
1996: moved home, moved to off-campus apartment, moved to dorm room
1997: moved to new dorm room, moved home, moved to new dorm room
1998: moved to off-campus apartment, moved to dorm room
1999: moved to boyfriend's apartment, then together moved to a new apartment
2000: moved from apartment to dorm (housing provided by job)
2001: moved to Arizona (approx 1790 miles)
2002: [did not move]
2003: moved to off-campus apartment (quit job that provided housing)
2004: moved to townhouse with boyfriend)
2005: [did not move]
2006: moved to apartment (break-up move)
2007: moved because my apartment was SOLD and they didn't tell me

That's 17 moves, if you were counting. What's worse is that when I moved to college, my parents wanted to start trying to sell their house, so they literally made me take everything that belonged to me. Everything.

I've carted it around like a sad little nomad ever since.


  1. too bad uhaul doesnt have one of those cards like the grocery store does where you can earn points for fuelperks or discounts on canned yams, or something.

  2. That sounds a lot like my own moving record, so you have my sympathy. Good luck in the new place.

  3. I moved about 19 times in my teens and twenties to early thirties. Good times. ~grin~

    Dean and I have now been in the same house since 1991. It's the longest by far that I have lived in a place. I think I'm beginning to feel settled.