Say What You Will...

But I thought the finale (season or series...) of Veronica Mars was intense, heart-pounding, exciting, emotional, and, essentially, two good hours of television.

Veronica's episodes seem best when she is working to take down an institution AND working on getting revenge—both of which were heavily in play here.

And how freaky was it to see a painting of Lilly Kane suddenly appear?

Goodbye, friend. I'll buy you on DVD...


  1. I was really sad about the finale. So many things were left hanging, I thought. Perhaps they were canceled after the last show was filmed and they weren't expecting to be canceled? Anyway, I also hated it for a second that Veronica got all sexxxed up for Logan because he beat the crap out of that one guy, because I love Piz and I want her to love him too.

  2. I think Piz is a big lame-o. I'm all for Logan. But you probably knew that already.

    They were definitely planning on a fourth season...and who knows? Maybe it'll move to a new network again...here's hoping.

  3. Right there with you, Charles. I loved the last 2 eps. There didn't need to be tons of conclusions and wrapping up of stuff for me. I like that all the characters just get to keep on . . .
    And I loved all the Dick stuff (no comments from the peanut gallery). Getting him to apologize to Mac and stuff was really great.