I Miss You

It's been a crazy week, getting things set back right after essentially two weeks out of the office, plus catching up on grading and my own homework for my classes.

Arden came home the other day. She spent two weeks at the Dog Spa at my parents' house, and they must not have spoiled her too badly because she's been sitting on me every time I'm home with her.

Here are my AWP photos:

A river otter at the Georgia Aquarium

The jellyfish tank

Detail from the jellyfish tank

Me doing my best Axl Rose at the Tucson Heat reading

Me and Virginia's girls


  1. wonderful photos. thx for sharing.

  2. Hey Charlie, I went to the aquarium, too! Though on Saturday, which appears much more crowded judging from you jellyfish photo. I posted a few (well, too many, as usual) GA aquarium shots over at my blog, too.

    Great seeing you again, beard and all.

  3. I probably saw you in the book fair and didn't realize it. Bummer.

  4. River otters are some of my favorite creatures.