Phoenix Favorites

To start off the week, I'm going to offer a list of my favorite things in Phoenix:

1. My Florist
A sandwich-and-salad restaurant in a converted flower store, My Florist offers delicious food with fresh bread, affordable wines, and a ferocious live piano player several days a week.

2. The Willo Grocery
Attached to My Florist and supplier of all their breads, this little stop-and-shop will fit all your baked goods, appetizer, and pastry needs. Any sandwich made on Willo bread is amazing. It doesn't even matter what's between your slices.

3. Queerbucks
My affectionate name for my local Starbucks (also commonly known as "Gay Starbucks"), the range of clientéle here sometimes prompt a name change to BearBucks.

4. Copper Star Coffee
Best place to study and free Wi-Fi to boot. At this former gas station-cum-coffeeshop, the owner will frequently come by and refill your coffee—for free!

5. The Gay Egg
The cheeky nickname for my favorite brunch haunt.

6. Made Art Boutique
An eclectic little shop on Roosevelt Row that offers books and artisan products by local artists.

7. Biltmore Shopping Park
The Borders store here features the largest poetry selection in Phoenix. The BSP is on kinemapoetics probation for recently closing their two-story Banana Republic, but they have an Apple store, so...

8. Chipotle at 16th and Camelback
Delicious enormo burritos just a hop, skip, and a jump from my house.

9. Fez
Moroccan-American fusion restaurant with the best burger in town.

10. Steele Indian School Park's Dog Park
Arden wanted to add her favorite place to this list. She's not really into other dogs, but she likes mingling with other people.


  1. Funny. I'm in Copper Star right now. And I'm so glad you mentioned the tragic departure of Banana from the Biltmore. What were they thinking?! Now I have to go all the way to Fashion Square. Lame.

    I wonder why they closed the store? If it was no longer profitable for BR I could accept it, but I fear they closed the store because it doesn't fit in with the other high-end boutiques that flank Saks. Oy.

  2. I know it's technically not in Phoenix (maybe between Tempe and Mesa?), but is the Gold Bar still around? It was a cute little coffee shop I used to frequent during my ASU MFA days. I used to do a lot of my writing in the vault.

  3. I LOVE this quote.

    "But we don't know. We don't know if you're actually better. I mean, you came into the world with certain advantages, sure. I mean, that's the legacy. But you didn't earn it. You didn't work for it. You've never had anybody come up to you and say you deserve these things more than anyone else. They were just handed to you. So that doesn't make you better than us. It makes you luckier than us."