I've been a little busy at work lately, so I haven't had much time to blog. I hope to get back on my normal schedule very soon, though.

In the meantime, here are a list of potential topics I've been thinking about blogging about:

1. Margaret Atwood's The Penelopiad and Edmund White's The Beautiful Room Is Empty
2. How being an artist instills values of good citizenship
3. A few albums from my collection that are enduring favorites (today's thought: Abra Moore's Strangest Places)
4. Is self-googling purely vanity or is it just good market research?
5. I just taught myself how to play Madonna's "Jump" and thought you might like to hear it.
6. On Truffaut's classic Jules et Jim, which was sadder than I remembered.
7. Why I'm queer for Lost. And for boys.


  1. I've never said this to a guy before, but nice beaver!

  2. Oh, I wish I could say I've never said "Nice Beaver" to a dude. But alas....

  3. *i cant think of anything beaver-ish to say. how about tuna?*

  4. Go with "Lost." I'd like to hear your thoughts on last night's episode. Both infuriating, but more revealing than any episode in recent memory.

    Of course boys are always a good topic...