What 2006 Taught Me

Sometimes it happens on the first try; sometimes it doesn't happen at all.

We are each capable of horrifying beauty and gross tenderness; equally so can we disappoint ourselves and each other.

Everything you have can be lost, taken, or replaced. Including people.

So frequently are we overwhelemed or underwhelmed that when we are finally simply whelmed it feels right.

That I can do this.

That I can't do this alone.

That it's important to say what you feel and mean what you say. Always.

To get comfortable with uncertainty and to embrace many layers of possibility. Any good thing in life is unknowable at first and probably for a long time. It is the process of knowing it that makes it precious.

That anything worth having is worth working for.

That anyone worth loving is worth waiting for.

That the most important decisions to be made are the most frightening, have the deepest repercussions, the most variables, and also the richest rewards.

That love is—and should be—our first and most important risk.

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  1. Happy 2007, darling.

    Learn that there are lots of people in MN who miss you, too. That's an important thing.