Catching up

I just sent out a bunch of chapbooks today, so if you ordered them via Pay Pal since 12/20 or sent a check, you should get them soon.

I'd love to hear what people are thinking about it!


  1. I just sent you an order for Living Things via Paypal. I can't wait to read it! :)

  2. What I wrote on my blog the other day:

    As for the new year, I started early with my goal to buy a book of poetry per month. For December, I traded Charley Jensen for his chapbook, Living Things. A marvelous read, a great tandem read with Donald Hall's poetry (The Painted Bed) about his wife, Jane, which I happened to buy with my annual giftcard from my in-laws. Charley certainly has his own voice, though, and is able to, in his spare language, express grief with the best of them. In not naming the 'you' addressed in his book, or shifting to the third person, Charley forces the reader to question more. There are no certainties, no safe harbor for the reader. Thank you, Charley, for offering the trade. I certainly made out better than you.

    Again, thank you. I loved the book. This from Hall, which I think your poems are equal to (I hope you don't mind the comparison):

    You think that their
    dying is the worst
    thing that could happen.

    Then they stay dead.

    Like I said earlier. Your book, along with Hall's was a double shot of grief. I really enjoy the contrast of your spare words.

  3. I posted an excerpt of Parlor the other day. What a beautiful collection, Charlie. Truly stunning.

  4. Justin, Suzanne--you are too kind!