Uh uh, gurl, no he dih-n't

Two monumental Casa Libre completions today:

1. Finished watching season 1 of Lost. Have half a hankering to whittle down the season into a "typical episode" script mocking consistent dialogue (ex. "GO GET JACK!" "IT WAS SAWYER! SAWYER DID THIS." "Why did you lie to me?" etc), but probably won't.

2. Finished writing section 2 of manuscript. I am now 2-3 poems away from completing the whole dang thing, and I know they're coming. Of course, every time I have been done writing I have said that I have "2 or 3 poems left" to write. I don't know, it's a security blanket.


I'm feeling mostly better now.


  1. We are 4 episodes in to Season 2.

  2. Oh, and glad you feel better.

  3. Anonymous5:17 PM

    Mocke episodes are the best... I think half of all series should just mock the other half. Can we have a dialogue, please?