Publication Update

On Thursday my chapbooks came.

On Friday, I got this in the mail:

My contributor's copy. This book of interviews and poems features the interview Sarah Vap and I did with C. D. Wright in 2003. Other poets in the book include Gloria Evangelina Anzaldúa | Mei-mei Berssenbrugge | Jayne Cortez | Rachel Blau DuPlessis | Kathleen Fraser | Alice Fulton | Barbara Guest | Susan Howe | Harryette Mullen | Alice Notley | Alicia Ostriker | Sonia Sanchez | Leslie Scalapino.

On Saturday, I got the new issue of The Journal, which features two of my poems based on Pedro Almodóvar's film All About My Mother: "La Agrado" and "La Agrado (2)." I'm so pleased to see all these lovely people in the issue with me:

Seth Abramson | Denise Duhamel | John Gallaher | Scott Hightower | Cynthia Hogue | Kimberly Johnson | Eliot Khalil Wilson

among many others.

Chapbooks are still for sale/swap, folks.

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  1. Where's my copy! I keep hearing about this issue, but I haven't seen it yet.

    It's a plot. Rumsfeld taking one last shot at me.