I'll Take, "Things That Are Hard to Find" for $1,000, Please, Alex?

How about books about somewhat obscure Italian Renaisssance painters who painted a series of portraits of Venus and Adonis?

Yes. I am searching. I may have to fly back to that art museum so I can complete my book.

I'm trying not to do that, though. Maybe I can buy the exhibition catalog... But really, I need some color plates of the paintings, and being in the same room with them would be better.

I talked to the museum and they say their catalog should provide me everything I need. Kind of pricey at $45, but cheaper than airfare.


  1. Try your university's interlibrary loan system, Charlie. That's always worked wonderfully for me.

  2. Ginger totally beat me to it. Also, in the sidebar of my blog there is a little worldcat.org search box; you can use that to look it up and see if you can find anything in a nearby library. Or, heck, email me the info. I have a master's degree in looking up crap. :)

    Although, of course, owning the catalog for yourself is more fun.