Casa Libre: Day 8

Last full day here. Still have a few non-poem projects to finish before I go, so it's a definite work day. Plus packing, plus possible laundry, plus there needs to be a nap, some Gilmore Girls if I'm lucky and productive.

It's not time for a summary or reflection yet, but I'll show you where the magic happened: in this room, this desk. My trusty second-hand laser printer copping a squat in a corner. I read few books here, but maybe reading wasn't what I needed and I'm okay with that. I'll have two flights to read books very soon.

It's warm again today: whatever winter was here before has moved on to other states. The smell of fresh coffee is calling me to the kitchen.

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  1. Anonymous2:12 PM

    How wonderful that you got to do this residency! I've thought of applying, but it doesn't seem quite fair to other writers, given that I do have a place to live here in Tucson. --Sorry I missed you. Wish there'd been a day more of overlap.