Casa Libre: Day 4

If it were left up to me I might never leave the house of my own accord. That is what this residency teaches me. As long as I have television, coffee, some food, an internet connection, I seem to have all I need—at least, superficially.

I gave the book a name yesterday, but I'm not sure it's quite right. I feel uncertain of one-word titles. It puts a lot of pressure on a word.

Today: a grocery store, papers to grade, an essay to finish. Those are the goals. If I am lucky, a book will let me read it.


  1. I love one-word titles, because they make you stop and confront all the possible meanings and implications of the word. Whether it's a noun, a verb, a command, an accusation, a name, a dictionary heading awaiting a definition -- or maybe all or none of those. I like how the word is decontextualized until you start reading the book, and then hopefully the book gives you a number of different possible contexts for the title.

    I like ambiguity better than certainty, though (such a Gemini).

  2. I am proud of you, Charlie.