Back to the Grind

I saw Panic! At the Disco and it was good. It was very good. They played their songs in order, I think, and added "Killer Queen," which was very good, and "Eleanor Rigby," which was only okay.

They are some cute boys. Sometimes I like a boy in eyeliner.

Also, I read Franz Wright's Walking to Martha's Vineyard on the plane last night (yes, my weekend had planes). I have some responses to it, but overall I really enjoyed encountering his work.

Now: back to work.


  1. Yep, those Panic! boys are cuties. I wouldn't mind a couple of them coming over to my disco.

  2. They're good.

    I know a girl (an old friend's daughter) who just had her bat mitzvah whose bedroom is plastered with Panic! pics.

    I told her to stop kissing them because she would get trench mouth just like her Aunt Debbie did in the '70s with those Shaun Cassidy photos she had all over her bedroom. (Not that I looked too carefully.)