The Only Thing Helena Handbasket Likes More than Salt is Having Her Name Mentioned in a Blog Post


1. Go see Rebecca right now.

2. I wrote my research paper on nonprofit poetry publishing over the weekend. Thank God that's over. It was actually a really interesting topic and I learned a lot. I'll post an excerpt later today.

3. Helena Handbasket is a real person with real feelings.

4. Who's headlining the Southwest Arts Conference this year? Chech Marin, that's who. Why? Because he's the single largest private collector of Southwestern art, that's why. I mean, he's not large. His collection is. Or he might be. I don't know—he's never dated any of my friends.

5. This year I'm thankful for kissing. And the airline industry. And mostly, to AWP.

6. I want to tell people that my chapbook would make a great holiday gift, except that it's kind of a downer.


  1. Happy for Rebecca. Like, so happy God is like "Montgomery, you're too happy, I'm not even that happy" happy.

    When is your chapbook out?

  2. Anonymous4:16 PM

    Is this a declaration of blogwar? You know I really love you, in a dirty way.