I feel like I have nothing interesting to say anymore. This blog suffers those consequences. But I've noticed a similar kind of ebb and flow among other blogs.

I've been really busy, my mind occupied with the quotidian and the mundane. I don't feel I get many chances to rest and reflect on writing lately, much less read enough.

But I'm hopeful that if I can give myself some blog assignments, I will be able to perk up the interest level here. I'm thinking of doing a series of essays on kinemapoetics. I also want to write about why I love The Venture Bros and why you should, too.

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  1. Anonymous2:23 AM

    I feel ya Chas--do you read Bob's Yer Uncle? He does this 200 for Tuesday thing that he started because of a writing class where he just commits 200 words to (virtual) ink. Sometimes part of a story or whatever.