Casino Meow

I have to agree with Paul's estimation that Casino Royale is one of the best Bond films in the last 30 years.

Craig is a fantastic Bond incarnation and the first twenty minutes are a blur of physical stuntwork that was both beautiful to watch and excrutiating to imagine doing. What's interesting about this film is pretty much what you've heard: that it shows a more vulnerable Bond; a more adolescent, more impulsive Bond.

And yes, Bond in a wet white tuxedo short. Thank you for that. Please also note his use of the square cut Speedo, which some of you may remember I helped popularize this Halloween.

I thought the film was fantastic—any film that can make a game of poker suspenseful is doing something right. I also thought Eva Green as Vesper Lynd was great, although it was annoying to me that Le Chiffre had an eye thing awfully similar to Blofeld's eye thing.

Which makes me wonder something...

You'll just have to see the film to figure that out.


  1. My first JB film. I liked it. I kept asking where Pussy Galore was. People in the theatre were getting mad. "There's no Pussy in this one." One mo said. He was so right.

  2. I heard a review on NPR that got me to go to the film, and I even convinced my wife to go (who hates Bonds films because they are sexist). We both really liked the film. I kept thing how Craig looked like a boxer.

  3. What you're wondering, re: the Blofeld eye thing: do you think they're setting up SPECTRE for the future films? Because that's what I thought, with the various tangential mentions of an "organization" etc.?

    I have to admit I think that'd be cool.