"But what is love if not our first and most important risk."

We have a chapbook in progress.

It is the third section of my next manuscript. It lit itself on fire yesterday and those first drafts, those confusing poems I was writing took shape, took life, took off.

I'm excited about this manuscript. It's unlike anything I've written before. It's a triptych. Matthew Shepard. Vertigo. The Ghost World. This makes sense to me. It's coming together.

At first I thought this was a book about anger, fear, safety.

But no, friends. This is a book about love.


  1. It's good creative week for Aries. I spent all week polishing a new chapbook, (it's dark dark dark) it's also a section of book no. 2.

  2. Bringing in November with fire, eh Charles? Not a bad way to jump start fall.

    My second chapbook manuscript is also the third section of my longer manuscript. Fine coincidence.

    Looking forward to Living Things.