Stay Where I Can See You; Douse the Lights

I know who MM's last ghost blogger was.

It's going to be a busy, busy, busy week. But then it will be over and I have a little something on its way to me that makes it all worthwhile.

I added three new songs to my karaoke repertoire this weekend:

"Man on the Moon" (R.E.M.)
"Sunday Morning" (No Doubt)
"I Know What Boys Like" (The Waitresses)--need a little work on this one, but it has potential.

Do you know what boys like? Do you have what guys want?


  1. Better yet: I know what boys who kiss boys want. Aren't you glad you know too?

  2. Well, what do they want? ;-)

  3. Apparently, I, too, know what boys like. I tend to get hit on by men. Hmm.

    But I also know what girls like.

  4. & i know what it feels like to be old. I went to a party for The Waitresses in 1981 !