Halo Effect

Today in doing my homework for my nonprofit class, I came upon this term in the reading that really captured my imagination and attention:

Halo effect.

Wouldn’t it be a great title for a manuscript? I’m wondering if I can adjust one of my books to take it on. Adding a poem with that title, for example. I think it could work pretty easily…

The term itself relates to the impact of charitable work done by nonprofits to “cloud” any entrepreneurial or fee-based programs that only slightly (or don’t at all) relate to the organization’s core mission and values.

I could see how this term has a wider reach, though. There are many halo effects in our culture. We are easily blinded by light.


  1. For a second there, I thought you were talking about the video game...and then I remembered whose blog I was reading.

  2. It's also used to denote the effect a visible State Patrol car has on the speed and conduct of vehicles around it....

  3. Meaning that the mission-specific charitable work enables the other, less relevant/more selfish work by putting a "halo" on what the organization does? Interesting idea, I hadn't encountered it (the term at least) before.

  4. I have read your book ms. I think you could use this title without changing any of the poems, though I am sure you have changed poems since the last time I saw it.

  5. Gosh, I almost hate to say this but...the "Halo Effect" is also known as a term that describes sports play and, in that context, I know of another (previously published) poet who is circulating a MS called The Halo Effect. Just thought you'd want to know...

  6. Charlie, there is another manuscript "out there" witha similar title, but I think it's "The Halo Rule"; it's based upon a football rule--something about the minimum distance the opposing team mustkeep from the place kicker (I think) (I don't know football). Then there's Mary Karr's recent book, called--I think--_Wire Halo_. Which really doesn't encroach at all, IMHO, but I just remembered it.