Wisconsin: A Photo Essay

Almost all of my pictures are from the last day of my trip because I was too busy working on LOCUSPOINT, napping, or reading to be bothered to go anywhere.

At breakfast.

A cow peeing. Also, me.

The school I went to in 8th grade, when there were 11 students in my class. It was the largest class in quite some time.

View from my parents' living room window. That's Lake Michigan out there.

At my parents' beach.

Some very old limestone stairs on my parents' neighbor's property, leading down to the water.

My parents' beach.

A rock wall my father built in the yard out of limestone dug up in the soil.

Creepy driftwood.

Me in the lake...

...and then just out of the water...

...and then an hour later after hypothermia began to set in.

Remains of an old pier on the beach.

Why they call it "Green Bay."


  1. wow. the view from that window is freakin' gorgeous!

  2. You're pretty freakin' gorgeous, Charles. I see why Ms. Maxton is always tittering on about you. ;-)

  3. what the hell did that cow drink? can cows drink milk?

  4. I'm pretty sure baby cows can drink milk, but when grown up cows do it, it's like this weird fetish thing.

  5. Calm down, Ladies! AKA: Collin and Maxton. Charles is hot in pictures but he's even cuter in person. Ha!

    Gawd: that water is too green. I hope you didn't drink it.