Love the One You're In

I had a peculiar experience a few days ago. I was running an errand for work in downtown Phoenix and ended up in an unfamiliar neighborhood as I made my way home. By and large, I have not been overly enamored of this city since I first moved here: it's flat and weird and spread out, and everything seems like it was built in 1960 and then changed hands about four times.

But on this day, I ended up driving through something beautiful—an unexpected neighborhood of cute little houses with cute little yards; streets lined with tall, lean palm trees. The streets were quiet and empty of traffic, but it felt home-like there and I loved it.

And so it was on that day that I fell in love—at long last—with Phoenix. With the city. Now that I am no longer a suburbanite, the urban core of downtown Phoenix has provided me with a really beautiful metropolitan home. Everything seems to be at my fingertips: groceries, gym, bars, restaurants, parks, art galleries, movies. I see a skyscraper from my balcony but I don't hear traffic.

I am making a home now.


  1. That neighborhood sounds really nice. I've come across places like that, and one of my friends lives in that kind of neighborhood.

    Phoenix is okay although parts of it are quite ugly. Maybe I recall it more fondly now that I'm temporarily living somewhere else.

    For real beauty in the Valley, though, you have to go to Apache Junction.

  2. I want to go to Surprise, Arizona. I see it all over our accounts out there.