The new issue of Hayden's Ferry Review just landed in our office and it's amazing.

You need this.

This issue includes a special CD, "Songs of Borderlands and Actions," which contains six recordings of Native American songs by Henry Oso Quintero.

There is also the second section of International Writing and a special section of fiction, poetry, and art called "Modern Magic." And an interview with Dave Smith.

More here

A note about the cover art: called "Untitled fish #1 from the Little Deaths Series," this is a piece by Christopher Colville in which he placed actual dead fish on a surface coated with film developer and then exposed the surface to light. The result is both chilling and beautiful.


  1. HFR and I are on the outs. I send them work, which they keep for more than a year, refusing to admit they lost it;and then, when I ask them for an update, get rude with me for not believing their theory thatkeeping my submission for more than a year with no update is an honor.

    I am sure the issue is amazing. I have always believed they publish some of the best writing out there---hence my submitting my poetry to them, but c'mon! Getting rude with me because I ask about a submission which is 6-8 months over their response time? That sort of thing doesn't make me want to rush right out and buy a copy.

  2. Justin, it's not just you. I greatly admire HFR, which is why I sent my work to them. But when I inquired about a submission I hadn't heard about in quite a long while, I got a quasi response, & since, nothing. I wish HFR lots of luck, but they might consider that, having posted a response time of 12-16 weeks on their website, submitters might get a little curious after eight months, & I don't think that's wrong. Sorry, Charlie.

  3. Oh my gosh, I am discussing this with the staff right now. Totally unacceptable!