In a Name

Courtesy of Google's "define:term" command.

  • Charlie (born c. 1899), also known as Charlie the Curser, is a blue and gold female macaw living at Heathfield Nurseries, a pet sanctuary in Reigate, Surrey, United Kingdom. Charlie became famous when The Daily Mirror published an article about her in January 2004.

  • First Lieutenant Charlie (known as Nash in Japan) is a video game character from Capcom's Street Fighter series of fighting games.

  • American soldiers’ slang for “Viet Cong.” “Charlie” (or “Charles” or “Chuck”) was short for the phonetic representation “Victor Charlie” for “VC.”

  • Another name for cocaine.

  • An extremely lightly marked animal in marked breeds or Broken Groups. Usually having colored ears, light eye circles and a Charlie Chaplin mustache like marking for a butterfly and are also usually devoid of back and side markings. The trait is usually genetically recessive.

  • the enemy.

  • This term applies to rabbits that lack sufficient markings for the breed or variety. Often, this term refers to a rabbit of a Broken variety that has less than 10% colour markings.

  • perjorative term to designate someone's anonymity or social insignificance: "Can it, Charlie."

  • slang for penis.

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  1. It's a found poem.
    If Charlie is slang for penis, I'm afraid to see what Peter is slang for. ~grin~