Au Revoir

Friends, the time has come for me to say goodbye...

...but not farewell.

I'm off to the Wisconsin for a week of R & R, lakeside, with a laptop. No internet, no cell phone, no Blackberry.

Here is where I'm going:

Here is how you get there, after seven hours of flights and layovers:

My dear friend, the poet John Sparrow, will be guest blogging here at kinemapoetics in my absence. Please be kind to him.

Fig 1. John Sparrow holding an actual gun, which you can do in Arizona.

I will let John provide his own introduction, but hey—you've been warned.


  1. Ahhhh... Wisconsin sounds restorative and peaceful. Have a wonderful time!

  2. I've only ever driven through Wisconsin, it being that rather large bit between Minneapolis and Chicago or Minneapolis and Detroit. I-94 and I became good friends for six and a half years of my life.

    I once drove through Amish country to get to Manitowoc so I could take me and my car across Lake Michigan on the late-night ferry to spend some time in northern Michigan. This was the day of that big northeastern blackout a few years ago, which I think just celebrated an anniversary this week.

    Let me tell you, being on the upper deck, swaddled in a sleeping bag on a deck chair in utter darkness, surrounded by a moist, clinging fog, seeing nothing before or behind the boat is somewhat unsettling. Thankfully I slept through most of it.

    Being terrified awake up by the boat's horn (which was located very near my head) as we approached the Luddington, MI, shoreline was unsettling, too. I had to make a split decision: leap over the edge to a more soothing fate in the cold, dark water below, or tumble down the stairs on shaky, adernaline-infused legs.

    Oh ... Enjoy Wisconsin, Charlie!

  3. Damn it Charlie are you coming anywhere near Minneapolis? You better call!!!!

  4. Have a great time sweetums!