What's New, Pussycat?

I'm reading Mary Gaitskill's Veronica and loving it. I guess this is the year of fiction/prose for me: I've read more novels and essays this year than the past four years combined. Making up for lost time, etc. I like the dreamy quality of her writing, how she weaves seamlessly back and forth in time, how the narrator's memory is suitably foggy and dazed...it makes the reading experience soothing.

I started reading Marilynne Robinson's Gilead but I hated it and had to stop after 30 pages.

I used to be able to read anything, no matter what. Could tear right through it.

I read the new Court Green on Saturday and loved it. I was so happy to find your work there, so many people I admire. I always miss the deadline for that magazine. I need to make a note.

I wasn't bowled over by the new Superman film. It was good in the way that Bryan Singer can't make a bad film if he tried. It was a little long (do I have ADD?), but I thought that he did a good job of lining up his style with the feel of the original films, except that this one took itself seriously, was fully immersed in its own world.

I also watched Proof this weekend. Hope Davis turned in a career-making performance that nobody saw. Gwyneth Paltrow chewed the scenery. Is anyone else dying to see her in Running with Scissors? I love my Gwyneth most when she's a misanthrope.


  1. I have found fiction very difficult to read for several years. Poetry or magazines. I have simply lost the attention span.

    Hopefully it's impermanent.

  2. I definitely found the New Superman too long, too. I also thought Kate Bosworth too young to channel the kind of internal conflict expected of her. In all, it was a creditable showing by Singer, like you said, but I was disappointed he didn't add anything new to the premise. The movie was more a homage than anything, I felt.
    I will go watch Proof, just to see Hope Davis. I loved her in Next Stop Wonderland.
    A very nice blog you have here, poetry and cinema are my two favorite companions as well.

  3. Bosworth is no Margot Kidder...but then who is?

    Sorry...couldn't stand Paltrow in "Proof". After seeing Mary Louise Parker do this in NYC, Gywnie pales in comparison. Hope Davis, on the other hand, is brilliant in everything. I recommend "The Daytrippers" (which also stars my beloved Parker Posey).